Iván Pérez

IT consultant

I am a Telecommunications engineer graduated by the Carlos III University (Madrid).
I work as IT Consultant and all my experience is related to software development in different projects within the spanish public sector.

About Me

  • Name: Iván Pérez
  • Date of birth: 14 May 1989
  • Address: 28938 Pegaso Street, 30
  • City: Móstoles (Madrid)
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Phone: (+34) 663 00 26 69
  • Email: ivan.pf.89@gmail.com

What I Do ?

I have been working as a web applications developer on different kind of projects. My tasks start from taking and drafting requirements to its development, test and deployment.

Most of my experience is focused on Java technology and powerful frameworks like Spring MVC or Hibernate principally.

I also manage the work and tasks of a small remote team (2 people) which is working side by side with me on the same project. I am responsible of their work, testing if everything is fine and checking how good the quality of the source code is. Fortunately, I take advantage of tools like Jenkins or Sonar which help me to carry on this work and Jira to keep the tracking of their advance or report the possible issues that I could find.

  • Software development
  • Management
  • Software analysis
  • Requirements identification
  • Quality assurance
  • Teamwork


Technology advances fast and I must be up to date at every moment. As software developer, I am interested on learning new frameworks or modern programing languages which allow me to create amazing and cool programs. Also mobile applications are on my line of sight. In a close future, I would like to dedicate all my experience to manage IT projects, teaching my team all what I have learnt and also motivate them with creativity and a good environment. As an individual, I am a forward thinker and always looking for the best way to resolve any problem. From my point of view, to become a good teamplayer is one of the best practices that transform work and efforts into a best results.



  • Feb 2014

    IT Consultant


    I started working as a pure software developer but after the first year I also had the opportunity to begin carrying on tasks as taking requirements, drafting technical documents, or even managing a small remote team which is working hand by hand with us during the life cycle of the project. I am responsible of their work so I must test all the software developed by them and try to find any possible bug or mistake.
    In order to ensure a good result, I take advantage of some tools like Jenkins or Sonar that allow me to check the source code quality or learn a better way to do some things. These are the main technologies that I use:

  • May 2013
    Oct 2013

    Internships as IT administrator

    Benteler Deutschland GmbH (Germany)

    I participated on a migration from an old intranet site bulilt with Typo3 to a new one using Drupal. I was the administrator of the Drupal site and my tasks where the installation and configuration of new modules and functionalities and to bring all the content from the old site.
    I also had to draft all the necessary technical documentation in both languages german and english.

  • Nov 2011
    May 2012

    Internships as Software Developer

    Coritel (Accenture group)

    This was my first approach to Java development within a business environment. I joined a team in charged of the maintenance of some applications. My tasks were to solve some issues in their source code and drafting technical documents.


  • 2012-2013

    Final Thesis

    University of Paderborn (Germany)

    I have done my Final Thesis at the University of Paderborn during my Erasmus period in Germany. The project consisted on an Android application for Indoor and Outdoor navigation through the whole campus of the university.
    In order to improve my language skills, I assisted to a couple of german courses specially scheduled for the foreign students.

  • 2008 - 2012

    Communication Systems Engineering

    Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain)

    Communications Systems Engineering is the branch of engineering in charge of telecommunication, but it is specialized in the design and implementation of communications systems.
    For more information, visit the uc3m website .


Java - J2EE


Spring MVC






Web Services




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